Terms and Conditions


The information destined to clients and these General Contract Conditions apply to all orders transmitted through the website. Sending an order means accepting these general contract conditions. These sales conditions can be modified at any given time by the manager of this website, without the need to provide any previous notice to users of the site. Any alterations made to the site shall be effective from the date they are published on the site, and apply only to the sales concluded from that date on.


The website destined to the production and sales of items online is managed by Antico Frantoio Nunzi, with legal headquarters in Via del Molino, 3 – 06031 Cantalupo PG, and operative headquarters in … VAT number. Any purchases made through the site will display Antico Frantoio Nunzi as seller and the subject who buys one or more products for their own business, whether it be artisan or professional, as buyer. Seller and Buyer shall hereby be collectively named “parties”.
Any communication by the buyer related to the purchase of products, including reporting, claims, questions on buying and/or delivery of the products, must be sent to the seller at the addresses and using the means indicated on the website, and to the e-mail address: The trade contract concluded between the seller and the buyer shall be regulated by Italian laws.
When placing the purchase order, the buyer accepts that the confirmation of the information regarding the order placed and these general sales conditions will be sent to the buyer via e-mail, to the address declared by the buyer when registering to the website. In order to make purchases through the site, the buyer must first register. The buyer is the only responsible for costs related to the Internet connection necessary to visit the site, including mobile data, according to the tariffs applied by the operator selected by the buyer him/herself.


The products are sold with the characteristics described on the website and according to the general sales conditions published on the site at the moment the order is placed by the buyer, with the exclusion of all other conditions or terms. The prices, the products sold on the site and/or their characteristics are subject to variations without previous notice. Prior to sending the purchase order, consumers should check the final price.


The purchase order sent through the website has the value of a contractual proposal and is regulated by these general trade conditions, which are an integral part of the order itself and that consumer, after sending the order to the seller, must accept in full, without reserves.


The products presented on the website can be purchased by selecting the product in question and putting it in the virtual shopping basket/cart. After selecting the products, to finish the purchase of those already in the cart, the buyer will be asked to provide his/her information to conclude the order and allow for the contract to be carried out. The buyer will be shown a summary of the order in which it is possible to change its contents. After carefully reviewing the order, the buyer must expressly approve the present general sales conditions by checking the box on the site, and finally click on the “complete order” button to confirm the order, which will then be sent to the seller and produce the effects described on art. 3 of this contract. The buyer will be asked to select the preferred shipping option and payment method, among those available.


The site indicates the availability of the products and estimated delivery times for them. However, this information shall be interpreted as illustrative only and is not binding for the seller. The seller is expected to do all that is possible to respect the time of delivery indicated on the side, and, in any case, to deliver before the maximum deadline of 4 (four) days after the day following the date on which the order was placed, except when otherwise reported.
Should the seller fail to carry out the order due to unavailability of the product (including temporary), the seller must refund the amount already paid by the buyer as payment for the product. The shipping of the products ordered by the buyer shall take place in the manner selected by the buyer from among those available and indicated on the website at the moment the order was sent.
The buyer is expected to make sure, in the shortest amount of time possible, that the delivery includes all and only the products purchased, and to immediately report to the seller should any defect be detected on the products received, or any non-conformity regarding the order placed, according to the procedure described in art. 10 of these general sales conditions. Failure to do so will be interpreted as an accepted delivery. Should the packaging of the products ordered by the buyer arrive to the destination with obvious damage, the buyer must refuse the delivery by the courier/shipping agent or accept the delivery “with reserves”.


The prices of the products are indicated on the website, when the order is sent by the buyer. The prices include standard packaging costs, VAT, and indirect taxes, when applicable; they do not include shipping expenses calculated before confirmation of the order sent by the seller to the buyer, and that the buyer him/herself must pay to the seller in addition to the price indicated on the site.
If the products are to be delivered to a country not belonging to the European Union, the total price indicated in the order and confirmed in the order confirmation, including indirect taxes (when applicable), does not include any customs duties or any other sales tax the buyer is expected to pay, if due, in addition to the price indicated in the order and confirmed in the order confirmation, as defined by the laws of the country to which the products will be delivered. The buyer is the sole responsible for any additional cost, expense, or tax a given country applies, at any title, to the products ordered, according to these general sales conditions. The buyer hereby declares that failure to know of the costs, expenses, duties, or taxes as mentioned above, at the moment an order is sent to the seller, cannot be considered a valid cause to cease this contract, and in no circumstances should these values be charged to the seller.


Buyers expressly accept that the execution of the contract by the seller shall begin the moment the amount relative to the purchased product(s) is credited to the bank account of the seller. Payment is possible via credit card through PayPal or via bank transfer. The seller is entitled to allow for other payment methods, showing them as options in the site’s Payment area. If the buyer selects credit card as paying method, he/she will be automatically sent to a protected PayPal site. All data will be transmitted in protected mode and cannot be accessed even by the seller. In the event of payment through bank transfer to the seller, the buyer must state the Swift and IBAN codes provided in the order confirmation, as well as the order number. The seller must immediately send to the buyer, when thus defined by the applicable law, the receipt relative to the purchase just made, attached in print to the purchased product.


The seller guarantees to the buyer that all products are devoid of design and material defects (not defective), and in conformity with the descriptions published on the site. The warranty does not apply to cases of use not in conformity with the intended use for the product and with the instructions/warnings provided by the seller, i.e. included in the reference illustrative documentation, in signs, or in labels.
On penalty of annulling this warranty, the buyer must report defects and non-conformities not after 2 (two) months following their discovery, and in any case before 6 months after purchase, e-mailing to the customer service at xxx the claim form properly filled in, describing the defect and/or non-conformity found and the documents listed in the return form itself.
After receiving the form and the documents, the seller will evaluate the defects and non-conformities described by the buyer through the customer service and, after the necessary inspections, shall decide whether to authorise the return of the products, providing the buyer with a response, containing the “return code”, via e-mail to the address provided by the buyer during the register phase or when placing the order.
Authorisation to return the products does not mean, under any circumstances, the acknowledgement of defects or non-conformities, whose existence must be ascertained following their return. The replacement products whose return is authorised by the seller must be sent to the buyer, together with a copy of the authorisation to return document including the return code, within 30 (thirty) days after the claim of defect or non-conformity. Should the seller be obliged to refund the buyer the price paid for the products, said refund shall take place using the same payment method used by the buyer when purchasing the product, or through bank transfer. The buyer must e-mail the seller the bank information required to make the bank transfer, to make sure the seller is actually able to return the amount due.


As for damages that may occur due to defective products, the seller, as distributor of products through his/her website, accepts no responsibility whatsoever for these damages, providing the name of the manufacturer of the product in question.


The goods can be exchanged with any other item of equal price to what was previously purchased.
The deadline to request right of withdrawal or exchange of goods is 4 business days after receiving the product. Our assistance service will refund or ship the new replacement product not after 30 calendar days. The package received by the assistance service, containing the returned goods, must be completely intact, in its original packaging, and the receipt must be included inside the box itself. Please remember to place in the box a sheet of paper with all necessary information for the refund or exchange, including your identification and contact information. In any case, shipping costs involved in returning products are always charged to the client. Any shipping cost involved in the shipping of new products in the event of an exchange is charged to the company.


In order to carry out the order and therefore conclude this contract, the website requests some personal information regarding the buyer. The buyer hereby understands that all personal data will be registered and used by the seller, in conformity and respecting Italian privacy law 196/2003 and later modifications, in order to carry out all purchases made through the site and, following his/her consent, for further activities such as the ones indicated in the privacy information document supplied to the buyer through the site the moment the order is placed. The buyer hereby declares and guarantees that the information supplied to the seller during the buying process is correct and truthful. For any other information regarding the processing of the buyer’s personal information, please read the Privacy Policy section on our website.


Although the seller employs measures to protect customers’ personal data against any loss, counterfeiting, improper manipulation and use by third parties, due to the characteristics and technical imitations regarding electronic communications via Internet, the seller cannot guarantee that the information or data visualised by the buyer on the site cannot be accessed or views by unauthorised third parties. The seller uses PayPal services for data regarding credit card payments; PayPal uses technological systems that can ensure maximum levels of reliability, safety, protection and confidentiality when transmitting information online.


Every sales contract concluded in accordance with these general sales conditions shall be disciplined and interpreted in conformity with Italian laws. In any case, all rights attributed to consumers by irrevocable dispositions of the laws in force in the country of the buyer shall be respected. All controversy shall be arbitrated by the court of xxx, except when not applicable due to irrevocable laws in force in the buyer’s country of residence.